Saturday, 25 August 2018

Prevalence Of Cyber Crime And Need Of Cyber Security Lawyers

"The internet is as useful and harmful" it comes with pros and cons. At one side it has made our life easier with prompt mean of services, on another it is the reason for loss in privacy. We are uploading our pictures, videos and personal details on social media account and they are visible to both known and unknowns. In this way, our privacy has become vulnerable.

Cyber security lawyers in Delhi

Our constitution has some laws that can provide you protection against cyber crime.  You can file a FIR against any cyber crime under IT act 2000 and can take help of Cyber security lawyers in Delhi       who can presents your case in court. Here are some crimes that are very famous and prevalent in cyber world.

Crime against Women: Women are very prone to crimes such as stalking, invasion of privacy, cyber defamation, cyber pornography, matrimonial fraud etc.

Crime against Children: Teenager is easiest target for cyber crime, as many children follow internet without any source of guidance. Many cyber crimes have been witnessed in last few decades but, one was very heinous named Blue Whale that made teenagers suicidal.

Others: Data Theft, hacking, Internet Banking/Online Transactions/Lottery Scam/Fake Call Related crimes are very common.

Family law firms in India

We know crime and frauds is isolated part of society which we generally neglect or avoid to accept. Involvement of people on social media have also become a matter of conflict among family members; and people after getting affected by them seeks help from Family law firms in India to avoid outcome of the action. You can acquire help from law firms who deals with cyber crime.

By exercising some simple precaution you can protect yourself from cyber crime attacks and if you get victimized by cyber crime sought help from cyber crime lawyers.

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