Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Immigration law of America and permanent residency and citizenship

American is the most favored destination for large number of people from different countries. As largest economy in the world, it offers one of the best opportunities for growth. But before applying for the immigration to America, it is instructive to know the immigration law of American for better preparation in terms of documents and work or residency related applications.

Immigration law refers to the rules made by the federal government of the United States to determine who should come into the country and for how long. It also governs the process of becoming the citizens of the United States. And this law also decides the actions that should be taken in case of a person, who come illegally in the United States, and stay beyond the permission or has lost the legal status.

The U.S. Constitution grants exclusive right to congress to legislate in the area of immigration. State governments cannot make any law relating to immigration policy.

Permanent residency and citizens -

Citizens from foreign countries seek visa permission to come to United States .Visas are given for two reasons. Immigrant visas are for those who want to stay and work. This type of visa has country specific quotas. Another is non immigrant visa for students, tourists, and business people and is temporary in nature.  

Citizens of certain developed countries considered politically and economically stable by the U.S. can visit and stay in America for 90 days without any visa. This law does not allow a foreign to apply for permanent status.  The visa waiver is currently given to citizens of 37 countries.   

Immigrating to the United States requires person to submit a number of documents and detailed applications. Also, immigration laws change often; making it difficult for a normal person to stay top of the changes .but with the help of an experienced attorney, a person with proper documents can get visa and citizenship.  People do not know that the most common ground for getting legal status is family-based immigration. This process starts when a permanent resident or U.S. citizen files a petition on behalf of a family member living in another country .Immigration is a different area of the law, and requires a lawyer who has vast experience in this field to properly guide a person at various states of the long process. Business immigration lawyers in Delhi will help a person to enter any country on the bases of a client’s business papers and investor status. Many countries including United States give permanent citizenship to investor or business people who can invest in the country .the proper processing of documents is necessary in this regard. Similarly a lawyer must be able to get the necessary documents for bail application. Best lawyer for bail in Delhi must put the best case forward with application for quick bail. In both cases the lawyers must know build the strong case with knowledge of documentation process.

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