Thursday, 4 February 2016

Services of a Real Estate Lawyer in Sale, Purchase and Leasing of Property

A reputed real estate firm helps an individual or a company to ensure that all the dealing in property purchase, rent, and selling are according to the established law and within the legal framework. And helps in vetting, drafting, and negotiating the transaction documents, which also consists development agreements, drafting agreements to sell, or have sale deeds, lease deeds, settlement deeds and trust deeds. Without a real estate lawyer, the number of documents cannot be properly put together. Suggestion on stamp duty and documents registration can come only from an experienced real estate lawyer. A real estate lawyer or firm will conduct comprehensive due diligence to pinpoint the key issues related with the investment or transaction and will come up with best measures to deal with them. This due diligence can have the following steps:

Review of the documents related to property and physical examination of the land records with a relevant authority to understand the ownership of the land.

Review of the relevant survey map or revenue record to ascertain the continuity of land parcels.
Proper verification at the concern jurisdiction registrar office to verify title deed registration, and search the past 12 years period to make sure that there is no mortgage or encumbrance  on the land ,  which a party wants to buy .

Also only with the help of a real estate firm, one can know the restrictions , if any with regard to the occupancy rights, ownership and  transferability of land on accordance with the law .  For construction of a building or any structure on a land, lots of permissions are required from various authorities from local level to state level. The first time developer or an individual will find it extremely difficult to obtain the require permission without proper knowledge of norms and permissions. Permissions are also required in case a land use is changed, which required dealing with laws and bye-laws. In some zones special sanction is required if the land is affected by from forest zone, green belt or a protected zone.

Normally a person is not expected to know the detail of laws dealing with property or divorce. The legal help is needed in both cases. Only a competent lawyer will present the divorce case in such a manner that opposing party cannot delay the judgment. In divorce cases time bound judgment is must. Delay justice has the potential to ruin the life of couple seeking divorce. An experienced lawyer knows the grounds of quick divorce. Best divorce lawyers in India. These days’ companies and individuals are buying land in Delhi NCR, where the land is often agriculture land. The purchasing party must evaluate the land from Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi to know that the land in question is within the permissible limits and cannot come under land ceiling limits in relation to agriculture or urban lands. 

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