Thursday, 16 August 2018

Know About Types Of Bail In India In Matter Of Bailable Offenses

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There are several laws in the Indian constitution that are drafted to provide justice and relief in several civil or criminal cases. There is a basic law in our constitution viz "bail" and "not jail". So if you are accused of any offense no matter civil or criminal, you have the right for bail. The only hindrance come if accused is a repeat offense maker or he will flee away from justice is the awful possibility.
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In the state like Delhi, it is hard to run away from any jail in any case. But still, you can seek the bail with the help of Lawyer for bail in Delhi who can help you in meager situations.  Once an FIR (First information report) file against you on any charge, you will be required to provide your identification details including your thumbprints. On the basis of that, your criminal record would be checked out. You can immediately apply for bail if the charges are meager, but if the complex accusation you will have to wait for 24 hours before you could apply.

Types OF Bail in India

        Interim Bail
        Permanent Bail
        Bail Before Arrest
        Bail On Arrest
        Protective Bail
        Bail For the convict
        Directly approaching supreme court

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Some other bail provisions are available in the non-bailable offense for which you would have to look for Best law firm in Delhi to apply for bail. Only best lawyers can be able to get bail for you in non-bailable offenses.

So if you find yourself troubled in jail you can apply for immediate bail in light of constitutional laws that are made to protect rights of the citizen.

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