Monday, 14 December 2015

Different Laws in India and Major Responsibilities of the Lawyers in India

The blog is divided into two parts. In the first part, the different types of laws in the Indian legal system are discussed. The responsibilities of the lawyers in India are discussed in the second part.

Several laws in the Indian legal systems

Some of popular types of law in India consist of criminal law, contract law, and labor law.  The India law effectively relating to the criminal conduct is known as criminal law. In order to effectively ensure the safety and public order, the Indian law can effectively classified certain acts as criminal offenses. Crimes that involves property damage or disputes, public safety, justice systems and involving the use of computer, comes under the criminal laws of India.

Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Indian Evidence Act, are three major acts in that the Indian criminal laws are divided or grouped into. Different acts across different states of India are termed as illegal and are often punishable by law. The punishment of the criminal offense or activities may vary from state to state.

As per the Indian contract law, it effectively deals with the effective law that is known for governing the individuals or organization entering the contract. In addition to this, the Indian contact law deals with the law relating to execution of contract. The effect of the effects of breach of contract is also effectively covered in the Indian contract law. All the laws related for the purpose of effective and systematic regulation of “labor in India” comes under the Indian labour law. Other popular laws in India consist of company law, property law, and tax law.  The Indian company law effectively regulates the different types of law related to the companies formed in India under the special Companies Act 2013.

Major responsibilities of the lawyers in India

Indian legal systems also have specific law such as trust law, family law, civil law, and nationality law. Individuals can hire the Best Law Firm in Delhi with the best lawyers and support team, for the purpose of rendering the best possible legal assistance services related to different types of laws in India.  One of major responsibilities of lawyers from reputed firms consists of oral argument in the courts about different cases of their clients. Systematic client intake and counseling is also effective part of job of reputed lawyers from a reliable law firm. Legal advice to the clients about the legal matters and protection of intellectual property of the clients are major parts of responsibilities of the lawyers.

Based on the needs and requirements for effective legal assistance in the cases of civil laws, the clients can contact law firms with the some of the Best Civil Lawyers in Delhi. Research about the different cases and systematically drafting of the different cases court papers are some of the main responsibilities of reputed lawyers.  Besides this, the negotiating and drafting of contract are part of job responsibilities of the lawyers. The lawyers have responsibilities of carrying out the prosecution and defense of criminal suspects.