Friday, 22 January 2016

Role of Corporate Lawyers in Business in India

Corporate lawyers ensure the legitimacy of business practices and transactions.  They work for all size of companies from small and medium to big corporations. Big corporations have legal departments and keep battery of lawyers to deal with all aspects of the business. Small and modicum companies take the service of corporate lawyers whenever the need arises. They may not have separate legal department to work permanently. A corporate lawyer ensures that his or her client adheres to the corporate law while discharging business activities. The specific work of a corporate lawyer depends on the size of the company and nature of its business.

Corporate lawyers give legal guidance for clients and employers. Their main task is to defend the interest of the company, which is employing them. Lawyers generally begin a new case by meeting with clients and understanding the details of the legal case. This may also include reading corporate filings and consulting with other attorneys within the company team or from outside the company. After assessing the issue, corporate lawyers then research prior cases related to the matter and look for precedents or orders on the same cases by different courts in the country.

Then a corporate lawyer represents his or her client in front of a judge. During a trial, a corporate lawyer makes opening and closing arguments in addition to examining and cross-examining witness or witnesses. To fulfill the duties  a corporate lawyer must have the knowledge of tax laws,  intellectual property laws ,accountancy , tax law , bankruptcy law , licensing laws  and laws related to the business  that he or she is working for .

Corporate lawyers must also help a business in licensing facilitations, creating legal background for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and any issues dealing with listing of a company on stock markets.

Since corporate lawyers are back-bone of any company, big companies usually have their own battery of lawyers. .A Company, which does not keep permanent lawyers, can take the service of Best Corporate Law Firms in India to handle the complex nature of business laws and business needs.  A small but growing business needs to handle lot of legal paper work in tax matters, property issues, financial transactions and laws related to intellectual property.  Individuals running small business, have to handle a lot of legal paper work with regard to tax filling, property issues, issues related to insurance or real estate issues. For all these services and to ensure that business is working in accordance with the established laws, the service of Best Civil Lawyers in Delhi can be availed.  The service of a civil lawyer can also be taken to represent the interest of an individual or a company in a  lower court, consumer dispute court or in high or Supreme Court, as the need may arise, in cases other than that a of criminal nature.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Need for Real Estate Lawyer and Intellectual Property Rights

Buying , selling or  renting a property can be a hassle less issue if one is support by experienced and knowledgeable  real estate lawyer . There are several issues which arise when one has to deal with any kind of property in any way. From simple documentation to actual ownership rights, the steps can give stress without the service of a real estate lawyer.  Several legal firms provide comprehensive solutions to real estate and intellectual property issue by keeping team of specialists.

The nature of property laws in India is different from state to state, in relation to dealing with buying and selling property. Thus, one cannot move without the service of a lawyer in the field.  If somebody wants to deal with any property in Delhi NCR., Here, the need for experienced real estate lawyer is must, because, the laws of three states have to be dealt with before handling any property issue.

The issue of benami property is often confusing. A service of a seasoned lawyer is must to understand the transactions under benami property deal and the number of documents that are required to be verified before buying a land or property. This issue is very complicated as the nature of the property, one is buying and number of sellers one is dealing with, cannot be ascertain without any legal guidance. Often ,the  first time buyer will never know that several documents must be verified, such as , property tax receipts , measurements of property , pledged land , title dead  and  encumbrance certificate  before can buy a property , without any dragging legal issue . Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi with experience in cases of real estate can suggest simple steps and guideline for every property related case. The nature of any disputed property, which must be avoided by normal user, can be known only from a lawyer with specialization in cases dealing with property.

Types of Intellectual property rights –

Intellectual Property Firms in Delhi keep battery of lawyers to handle all issue related to  copy rights, patents, plant Variety design rights  , ,industrial design rights,  trademarks, and in some case it also includes trade secrets . To protect the fruits of labor in technology, designs, and application of any idea, the guidance of intellectual property rights is very essential.

Some important intellectual property rights are -

Copy right – Here the creator of an original work   has right to use the creation for limited period. This right is not given for any idea or information; it is only on the implementation nature of idea or information.

Patents –The ownership right is guaranteed by government to any creator or inventor and preventing others from using, buying or selling the invention. Besides, it must be new, not obvious and have some.

Trademarks rights--, This right protects your sign, design, or expression, which separate your business from competitors. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Navigate the complex legal system with best law firm lawyers in divorce cases

Complexity of laws and procedures makes it immensely difficult for anyone to file divorce plea before court.  Not many people know that with the divorce papers, one has to file marriage proof and photographs of the couple. Besides these requirements , one has to maintain the distance from each other at least for one year prior to filling of divorce papers , because only then the divorce proceeding can be started .

For quick divorce there are many points and tips, which only an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can explain. If a party wants to defend itself against divorce, then there are some grounds, which are not well known to common person. Divorce case proceeding can be beyond the power of a single woman to handle. She must get the best divorce case legal support.

Why service of divorce lawyers is must –

You need to know the exact grounds for quick divorce and how to handle the lawyers of other parity during legal proceedings.  For a couple, who want mutual divorce, the matter may not be that complex but for an unemployed wife, the divorce case filed by husband can be devastating. She has to file for maintenance charges. And the proper and effective legal ground is prepared only by a lawyer well versed in divorce case legal technicalities.

Divorce lawyer will let you know the shortcut to divorce

Legal cases in India often take years before coming to any conclusion. In divorce cases, this delay can destroyed the future of both wife and husband, because the chances of remarriage and starting life afresh depend on how fast a divorce case comes to an end. Get the service of a lawyer, who will put before you clear plan to towards divorce, so that you can restart the life after quick divorce. They will let you know that the allegations of impotency, adultery or religion conversion are some of quick tips for divorce.  

Domestic violence cases leading to divorce – Wife must understand how domestic violence ground can bring her justice and also get her maintenance charges under Domestic Act Violence Act 2005. Under the same law a husband can defend himself from allegations of domestic violence.

Why best divorce lawyer and firms?

Divorce cases are time sensitive cases, as parties, cannot wait for years before judgment comes. Here, the service of a lawyer can make a lot of difference. The experience and knowledge of lawyer, especially in divorce cases assume paramount position. Without putting you in legal hurdles, an experienced lawyer will take you to fast track justice.

Best Divorce Lawyers in India understand the need for speedy disposal of divorce cases. The role of support staff is crucial in preparing a divorce case, only  Best Law Firm in Delhi keep the  best legal team and they know that the final judgment depends on evidence submitted before court accordance with law.