Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spoiled Honeymoon Can Be Ground For Divorce

In a recent unprecedented judgment the high court has made it clear that the spoil honeymoon where newly web lady refused to commensurate the marriage can be the ground for the divorce. The man had alleged that wife made wide allegation against not only him but also against his family .The man had accused the wife of mental cruelty and also extending the cruelty against his family. The wife did not allow man to commensurate the marriage during the duration of the honeymoon.   The husband was able to prove that wife did not suffer from any physical disability during that period.

During these cases, it is the responsibility of the experienced lawyers to prove in the court of law that there has been cruelty against wife or husband and that can be the ground for the divorce. The cruelty does not have to be physical. The high court gave upheld the divorce of the newlywed couple on the allegations of mental torture and emotional cruelty suffered by husband from the wife side.

The divorce lawyer Best divorce lawyers in India has to be experienced one, so that he or she can prepare the ground for divorce and also seek maintenance charge even for husband during the pendency of the case. There are provisions that husband has to provide maintenance for wife or children during the pendency of the case. But the husband can also demand maintenance charges.  The services of an experienced lawyer for divorce are very essential for making sure that all provisions are utilized for the benefit of clients.

Sometimes, it also helps to take the services of a legal firm for divorce, as the battery of lawyers there will pool their knowledge and inputs for making watertight case. The single lawyer will fight from the single point of view but the different opinions and views will help a lawyer to make sure that no side is left undefended.

The woman rejecting the divorce attempts of husband also can consult the lawyer.  The lawyer will try to present the case in the manner that wife is fulfilling the duties expected from a wife and husband has no ground to seek divorce.

If wife is able to prove that husband has been living with her as husband and they have been having intimate moments, then the husband cannot force divorce on the wife. The services of an experienced lawyer Best law firm in Delhi are very important for the divorce cases, as experience counts a lot in preparations of a case and final judgment depends on the case presented before the court of law.

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