Saturday, 26 March 2016

Best divorce lawyer is needed for effective presenting of divorce case

Need for a divorce lawyer is something that never comes suddenly. Unfortunately, the partners know that they are heading towards the separating point in their life. The partners also know that case will definitely go to the court. They should consult a good lawyer, when both of them have time. Because in stressful situation, the chances of going to first lawyer that comes across are high. One must know that divorce cases in India often take at least a year before reaching to any conclusion. And during the long process the expenses also increase.

The best lawyers can decrease the long time by presenting the best case before court of law. They have the experience and knowledge to fight the case. A lawyer, who has never fought any divorce case, cannot put the case effectively before the court of law, whatever may be his or her qualifications. The lawyer must work energetically and productively to bring the result.  

It does not matter who files the divorce case, the other party, husband or wife may not want quick divorce. He or she may want to drag the case to punish the partner. That is why; the need for the best lawyer in divorce cases arises. The need for best divorce lawyer is for both husband and wife.

The custody of children, the expenses for their education, the other maintenance for non working wife, is the issue, which only an experienced lawyer can handle satisfactorily.  For husband point of view, the divorce lawyer has to give him quick relief at any cost. The best lawyers, with his or her intimate knowledge of intricacies of divorce law can put the best case before the court of law.

There are various Best divorce lawyers in India grounds on which quick divorce can be achieved.   For newly married couple, the refusal of wife to provide marital bliss to husband can be the ground for divorce. Similarly, the case of impotency can be ground for wife to seek divorce. Domestic violence and refusal of husband to provide the finance to wife for household expenses can also be ground for divorce for wife.

Wife can also get solid divorce case prepared if her lawyer proves that her husband lives with other lady. Court can declare a marriage void and null on other various grounds. That means court can terminate the marriage, if some legal requirements are not met at the time of the marriage. Also the marriage Best civil lawyers in Delhi can be terminated, if the consent of either of the partner was obtained under force or fraud.

The religion of the partners also forms the bases on which the law of divorce is applied. The Hindu marriage Act, 1955, deals with Hindus. Similarly, other religious communities have their own separate divorce laws.  The Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist communities are also covered under Hindu marriage Act, 1955. Comprehensive knowledge on divorce by expert lawyer will help the parties to get the desired result without waste of much time. 

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