Monday, 29 February 2016

Divorce process and need for experienced divorce lawyers for proper handling of divorce cases.

Divorce cases in India often take long time to come to any conclusion. The parties seeking divorce, leaving some exception, are without any experience in the matter. But at the same time they want quick divorce, so that they can restart their lives respectively after divorce. The documents and other paper work is necessary evil in the divorce cases. That is why the help of a seasoned lawyer well versed in divorce cases is the first essential step in seeking divorce quickly.

Divorce process is quiet length in India; it starts with consultations with lawyer and filling of case. There is no single form for all types of divorce. The place of filing case can be the place where the marriage took place or place of resident of partners.  It can also be the place where couple lived together last time before filling the case. And if wife is filling case then the place of her resident. If any partner is living outside India, and there has been no information about him or her for 7 years. Then the other partner can fill the case from his or her resident place. The proof of marriage is also need. Any proof, showing that couple lived together as husband and wife can be admitted and it recognized by law.  In these cases the counseling is mandatory by the court, when this fails the court asks for evidence to be produced in the court.  On the basis of these evidence and proof, the court gives its verdict.  The appeal against the court can be filled in the concerned high court. In case there is no appeal filed against the court order by aggrieved partner, then the other partner can remarry within one month from the order of granting of divorce. According the law the Top law firms in Delhi Separated partner can seek the property of the other partner and cannot be deprived from inheriting the property.

In all these matters, an experienced lawyer well versed in divorce laws Best divorce lawyers in India can get the proof or evidence produced before the court of law, which can lead to quick divorce. In case of a man seeking divorce, the lawyer will show the strong ground base for divorce. These can be adultery by spouse, relations with other person even after marriage etc. Similarly a wife can seek divorce quickly on the bases of proving the impotence of man, or adultery. An experience lawyer will get proper support for non working woman court during divorce case. And after the divorce woman can get maintenance expenses and custody of kids, if any. After all the order of the court depends on cases that is produced before the court. And the best law firm with highly qualified and experienced team can present the strong case for divorce before court of law. 

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