Friday, 22 January 2016

Role of Corporate Lawyers in Business in India

Corporate lawyers ensure the legitimacy of business practices and transactions.  They work for all size of companies from small and medium to big corporations. Big corporations have legal departments and keep battery of lawyers to deal with all aspects of the business. Small and modicum companies take the service of corporate lawyers whenever the need arises. They may not have separate legal department to work permanently. A corporate lawyer ensures that his or her client adheres to the corporate law while discharging business activities. The specific work of a corporate lawyer depends on the size of the company and nature of its business.

Corporate lawyers give legal guidance for clients and employers. Their main task is to defend the interest of the company, which is employing them. Lawyers generally begin a new case by meeting with clients and understanding the details of the legal case. This may also include reading corporate filings and consulting with other attorneys within the company team or from outside the company. After assessing the issue, corporate lawyers then research prior cases related to the matter and look for precedents or orders on the same cases by different courts in the country.

Then a corporate lawyer represents his or her client in front of a judge. During a trial, a corporate lawyer makes opening and closing arguments in addition to examining and cross-examining witness or witnesses. To fulfill the duties  a corporate lawyer must have the knowledge of tax laws,  intellectual property laws ,accountancy , tax law , bankruptcy law , licensing laws  and laws related to the business  that he or she is working for .

Corporate lawyers must also help a business in licensing facilitations, creating legal background for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and any issues dealing with listing of a company on stock markets.

Since corporate lawyers are back-bone of any company, big companies usually have their own battery of lawyers. .A Company, which does not keep permanent lawyers, can take the service of Best Corporate Law Firms in India to handle the complex nature of business laws and business needs.  A small but growing business needs to handle lot of legal paper work in tax matters, property issues, financial transactions and laws related to intellectual property.  Individuals running small business, have to handle a lot of legal paper work with regard to tax filling, property issues, issues related to insurance or real estate issues. For all these services and to ensure that business is working in accordance with the established laws, the service of Best Civil Lawyers in Delhi can be availed.  The service of a civil lawyer can also be taken to represent the interest of an individual or a company in a  lower court, consumer dispute court or in high or Supreme Court, as the need may arise, in cases other than that a of criminal nature.

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