Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Need for Real Estate Lawyer and Intellectual Property Rights

Buying , selling or  renting a property can be a hassle less issue if one is support by experienced and knowledgeable  real estate lawyer . There are several issues which arise when one has to deal with any kind of property in any way. From simple documentation to actual ownership rights, the steps can give stress without the service of a real estate lawyer.  Several legal firms provide comprehensive solutions to real estate and intellectual property issue by keeping team of specialists.

The nature of property laws in India is different from state to state, in relation to dealing with buying and selling property. Thus, one cannot move without the service of a lawyer in the field.  If somebody wants to deal with any property in Delhi NCR., Here, the need for experienced real estate lawyer is must, because, the laws of three states have to be dealt with before handling any property issue.

The issue of benami property is often confusing. A service of a seasoned lawyer is must to understand the transactions under benami property deal and the number of documents that are required to be verified before buying a land or property. This issue is very complicated as the nature of the property, one is buying and number of sellers one is dealing with, cannot be ascertain without any legal guidance. Often ,the  first time buyer will never know that several documents must be verified, such as , property tax receipts , measurements of property , pledged land , title dead  and  encumbrance certificate  before can buy a property , without any dragging legal issue . Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi with experience in cases of real estate can suggest simple steps and guideline for every property related case. The nature of any disputed property, which must be avoided by normal user, can be known only from a lawyer with specialization in cases dealing with property.

Types of Intellectual property rights –

Intellectual Property Firms in Delhi keep battery of lawyers to handle all issue related to  copy rights, patents, plant Variety design rights  , ,industrial design rights,  trademarks, and in some case it also includes trade secrets . To protect the fruits of labor in technology, designs, and application of any idea, the guidance of intellectual property rights is very essential.

Some important intellectual property rights are -

Copy right – Here the creator of an original work   has right to use the creation for limited period. This right is not given for any idea or information; it is only on the implementation nature of idea or information.

Patents –The ownership right is guaranteed by government to any creator or inventor and preventing others from using, buying or selling the invention. Besides, it must be new, not obvious and have some.

Trademarks rights--, This right protects your sign, design, or expression, which separate your business from competitors. 

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