Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ground For Divorce In India For Ladies And Importance Of Experience Of A Lawyer

Divorce processing can be initiated against the partner on the basis of various grounds. The law has mentioned clearly several cases or grounds, where the processing can be initiated against the other partner. The cases range from change in religion to even the denial of physical intimacy for long period. The traditional grounds were related to mental torture, cruelty, adultery, desertion, venereal diseases etc are still valid but the new one are also being added by the court judgments.

The recent court judgments, the case of denial of physical intimacy for long right from the start of the honeymoon can be the ground for the divorce for the husband. On the other hand, if the wife is able to prove that the husband is impotent, the divorce proceeding can be initiated against husband.
There are many cases on which the divorce Best divorce lawyers in India plea can be filed by the wife only. If the husband has indulged in the rape, sodomy, bestiality against wife, the proceeding can be started against the husband. The husband who has married when his first wife is alive can also be divorced. A girl is also entitled for divorce if she is married before the age of 15 and renounces the marriage before the age of 18.

The Muslim woman are also provided right to divorce the man, if the whereabouts of the husband are unknown for four long year. The husband who has failed to provide the maintenance to the wife for two years can also be given divorce.

The experience of the lawyers, whether in divorce cases or in corporate cases plays an crucial part in the final judgment. The experience of the lawyer helps them to get into the skin of the case and come up with simple practical solutions. The understanding of the case by the lawyers helps them to accumulate the facts with proof, because the judgment of the court depends on the facts presented before the court of law, not on the knowledge and gathering of facts by the lawyers.
The corporate lawyer Best corporate law firms in India who has worked with the premier corporate knows the in and out of the cases and his or her presentation of in the court allows the judge to understand the merit of the case and deliver the judgment in few hearing.

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