Thursday, 27 October 2016

Two main ways to get divorce in India

There are different divorce laws in India. The Hindu marriage act of 1955 governs the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist community. The Christians come under the Indian divorce law of 1869 and also Indian Christian marriage Act 1872. The Muslims come under personal law of divorce. There is separate law for Parsi community. The divorce in India can be given under two ways. One is mutual consent and other is contested divorce. Obviously the mutual divorce is easy compared to the contested divorce.

In the mutual consent divorce, the husband and wife have to come clear on some points . These are issues of alimony and maintenance issues. The issues can created problems as there is no limit on the maintenance on the lower and upper ranges .The mutual consent can happen in case of recent marriages but can be the difficult in case where couples have to share the responsibility of kids. The child custody can be solved amicably between couples. The responsibility of the child can be shared between couples.

The duration of the mutual divorce can be different in different states and can be from one month to six months or more if the issues kids are not solved.

Contested divorce Best divorce lawyers in India means that either husband or wife is willing to give divorce but the other party is not willing to divorce easily . Sometimes, the husband or wife want to prolong the divorce proceeding to give maximum pain and suffering to other party. The grounds for divorce range from cruelty, which can be mentally and physically, desertion, impotency or extra marital affair of the party. The party who is filling the case has to prove that the ground on which the divorce is filed is genuine. Here, the services of experienced lawyers are of vital importance. The experienced lawyers can present the case in the court of the law with all proofs and make it watertight case.

The experienced lawyers Best law firm in Delhi will also make sure that a wife gets all the maintenance charges during the proceedings of the case . Even husband can get the maintenance charges .More than the knowledge; it is the experience of the divorce lawyers, which changes the course of the case in favor of client. The inexperience of the divorce lawyers can drag the case for years.

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